Saturday, September 20, 2014


Chloe is COMING HOME!!!!

Incase you haven't heard the news, we had our pre-discharge meeting last Wednesday, and then a whirlwind began when the home vent team decided on September 29th, 2014 at 11:30am that our sweet girl will breathe in earthly air, listen to the birds tweet, and feel the warmth of the sun on her precious and delicate skin. 

The last few days have been crazy, and our minds are reeling with information and planning. Because of that we haven't posted in a while. So consider this the first of many posts though, including what we'll expect bringing her home, becoming hermits (our attempt to be germ free for Chloe), and a list of most asked questions and our attempts at answers. 

But for now, let's just celebrate. We'll worry about those questions and thoughts and fears and concerns tomorrow. Tonight, we'll just celebrate that we're bringing our baby girl HOME.

And that means I've been nesting. Just a bit. Ok, a lot. A ton. This house can't be perfect enough for our sweet pea. We've been busy trying to get everything set up so that one week from this coming Monday we can walk through the doors, change her diaper, check her settings, and sink into our big comfy chair with our baby in our arms and. just. be. 

With our other two children, I greatly enjoyed nesting and setting up the nursery. This, however, will be a bit different. It's not a nursery; it's a living room. It's not a baby's room; it's a NICU room set up in our home. It's not all plush stuffed elephants and soft rugs anchored under big cribs; it's a a feeding pump on a hospital pole, a ventilator, an apnea monitor, a pulse ox machine...

But here's our attempt to make it feel as much like home for her (and us) as possible. 


  1. Jodie -- this is beautiful! I'm so glad you have had time to make this area really special for Chloe and also for yourselves! And your sense of humor is priceless -- and through that we can see your joy in knowing that you will be, finally, home to stay! So happy for you all!