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 Often times, figuring out where to find help, housing, and support are the hardest when the journey to and in the NICU and medical journey begins. Here's where we found our help and hope. Below are links to online resources, links, and ways to give back. 

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Kansas City

{You might recognize some kiddos in that video}



Posts about RMcD House from this blog:

Children's Mercy Hospital, Kansas City

Photo Credit Baker Baker Photography, KC

For more information about their Fetal Health Center

Support & Caring for Miscarriage, Infant/Child Loss, Preemie 
And Ways to Give Back

Team Gramkow

Piper Grace, and the Grace Blanket Drive for Children's Mercy

About Grace Blanket Drive

On Loss and Life and Living Again 

Wife and Mama Hayley Novak shares from the heart about the realness and rawness and healing and grief and love of losing a child and raising kiddos. 

Below are links to books and video by Angie Smith, Author of 

Audrey's Story on Angie Smith Blog

I Will Carry You

Audrey Bunny, by Angie Smith is our children's favorite storybook
written about a little bunny with a blemish on its heart.


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