Friday, September 18, 2015

Fill the Fridge, Pack the Pantry, Love on the House that Love Built

All Photo Credits Jodie Gerling//Chloe Girl Designs

The image above needs an arrow pointing to the third floor that says, "You Are Here."

We've been here, loved on at the Ronald McDonald house {House #2 as our son calls it}, for the third month in a row, for the second summer in a row.

And we've truly learned that this is indeed the house that LOVE built.

It's welcomed us upon each arrival with strong doors, open wide to receive us {and all our luggage {(we're sort of over-packers)}.

It's relaxed us after long days in the NICU or PICU.

It's given us a place to temporarily call home. And in our case, temporary means a total of five months last summer and three months plus this, fall...

It's reminded us to dance in the storm.

It's provided a place to drink some milk when you have heartburn at 7pm. Seriously. Just now, as I write this and my Kindergartener begged for milk because he has heartburn. Well, little dude, good thing there's always milk stocked in the community fridge!! Downstairs we go, pj's and all! {Check out those snazzy pj's with custom buttoning...}

And it's because of the donations from people like you, providing the time and energy from people like you, for us to have moments like this and be a together-family right now while our storm passes through. 

But in order for the house to love on families staying here, it has to first be loved on by others. 

Would you take the time to love on the Ronald McDonald Houses of Kansas City? Here's some ways you can help:

(Item ideas)
Milk {any %}
Apple Juice {surgery kiddos can only have clear liquids}
Fresh Fruit
Soy or Almond Milk
Cheese Sticks {for quick protein}
Eggs. Eggs. Eggs. {I don't think there's ever really quite enough}
Butter and Real Sweet Cream Butter
Coffee Creamer

Frozen Pizzas 
Meat//Chicken, Beef
Chicken Nuggets {because really, what family doesn't eat those for a quick on-the-go, get-back-to-the-hospital meal?
Breakfast Sandwiches//Breakfast Items

Juice Boxes
Cake Mixes {because we really do celebrate family birthdays while living here}
Chips {the individual serving bags are great}
Paper/Plastic Items--Plates, Cups, Paper Towels, Napkins, Silverware
Hot Cocoa Packets {Fall is upon us!}
Pudding Cups
Gluten-Free Baking Items
Muffin Mixes {Seriously, coolest thing is when families cook and share with each other. Often someone will make a batch of cookies or muffins and leave them out for all to share}
Granola Bars
To-Go Coffee Cups with lids
Pop-Tarts {I know. Horribly unhealthy. Awesomely quick and child-pleasing. Remember, these are the hospital days. Pick your battles, parents}.  
Chocolate {Mamas of littles get emotional. So I've heard.}

{Laundry Room Items/Personal Care Items}
Laundry Detergent
Laundry Baskets for Cherry Street House and Longfellow House
Shampoos//Conditioner {travel size}
Brush//Comb {Put in sealed baggie--they won't be reused, but seriously, we've all forgotten to pack it at one time or another}
Feminine Products
Contact Solution//Contact Cases
Travel Size Body Wash
Travel Size Deoderant

DVD's for the basement theaters
New Baby Swing or Baby Bouncers for families to check out and have in their rooms
New Toys for basement play areas at each house
*New because well, we're all paranoid about germ bugs and most kiddos here are high risk if they pick up unwanted bugs*
Leave gift cards to restaurants or places like Walmart or Target at the Front Desk of each house to be handed out to new families checking in. 

To help wash and fold towels and bedding.
To stock shelves.
To offer to help do family's laundry here at the house so they can be by their loved one over at the hospital.
To help with an activity in the community room after dinner {i.e. crafts, games, spa night for the mama's and daughters, project time in the community room with other families staying in the houses.}
To make a lunch or supper-time meal for the house. Great idea for youth groups, community groups, businesses, etc. to donate their time and energy in such a mighty way. 
To sponsor a guest room. {We're currently in the Harley Davidson room. Thank you to the Harley Davidson KC Factory!!}
To collect pop-can tabs from your school or group or organization and drop off at the Longfellow location. 
Your time. There's always projects, cleaning, stocking, sorting, paper-working, folding, loving to do around here. 

Donations can be sent to the following address:

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Kansas City
2502 Cherry Street
Kansas City, MO 64108

Ph: (816) 842-8321


And to all who've given so much of the time, love, energy, donations,
Thank you for making this the house that LOVE built. 


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