Saturday, February 7, 2015

This Journey Isn't Just For Us

I haven't posted since Christmas. Not for any particular reason other than we're living life.

We're chasing a three year old and cleaning up those little piddles from playing instead of pottying.

We're schooling our five year old.

We're soaking up our 9 month old.

We're loving and living this life He has blessed us with. Enjoying every moment, good and hard, as we approach her next set of procedures {heart cath on March 4th to check pressures in heart and lungs} and surgeries {open heart, bypass surgery in May}. 

We simply haven't been writing because we've been living.

But today, I write. Not for myself or our family. If you'd like a current update, check out Our Chloe Elizabeth on facebook. 

But today I write for a friend. You see, this amazing, tall, curly haired woman blessed us in so many ways, simply by meeting her when we attended church in KC while in the NICU. She took us under her wing, cleaned our Ronald McDonald room, washed our clothes, sat by with us during surgeries, and played with our littles. She left a wedding the minute I called to say Chloe had coded and we needed someone to watch our other littles. She served us in many ways. God blessed us with this stranger who has become family to us.

And now, let's help her family. 

They were in the process of adopting. Due in two weeks. Nursery ready, car seat in van, bags packed. 

And yet, in the midst of the hurt and loss, the grieving over preparing their hearts for this child, they've been approached about another possible baby to adopt, and quickly. 

So the reason behind this post today, after more than a month of not posting, is to ask for PRAYER, GUIDANCE, and FINANCES to come through for this family, whose heart longed to snuggle another precious gift, willing to put their own money into this other birthmom and child, only to be left empty-handed. 

Chloe's journey has brought us many places, and taught us so much, and continues to teach us. Today it's teaching us to be there for someone who's been there so much for us. This family has blessed us in many, many ways. Let's help bless them back. 

So we ask, please, if you feel so led, please follow the link below to her blog and consider giving in prayer or financial support to help them adopt this baby, if it be the Lord's will, that within the month, they can hold this precious bundle in their waiting arms. 

To read their story and why they're gently asking for support:

To give to this adoption:
Let's help bless their socks off like they did for Chloe <3


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