Saturday, April 12, 2014

"He has made everything beautiful in its time..."~Delivery Date {Part 2}

In the previous post, I mentioned how the doctors were going to have their round table discussion and decide dates for us to head over.

I didn't know I'd get that call when I was home alone with the kids before Alan was home from work. And I didn't expect to hear the words April 28th.

Apparently when the doctors met, they decided it's best to deliver the micro-minute that we hit 37 weeks. We're to head to KC on the 24th or morning of the 25th. Ultrasound morning of the 25th, required to stay at Ronald McDonald house for the weekend (can't come home to Manhattan and then back) and deliver first thing Monday morning April 28th.

I was shocked. I didn't understand why they bumped it up another week-and deliver none-the-less, not just be monitored for the week and perhaps deliver at week 38.

I was caught off guard and not sure what to say, so I'm still not even entirely sure why they are so concerned and bumped the date up nearly 2 weeks. Needless to say, we have a ton of questions for my regular OB at Monday's appointment and ultrasound...

Is it due to her size? And what if she puts on more weight and really gains?? Can we just monitor at that point and not deliver the moment we're 37 weeks?

Will she need the steroid shot for her lung maturity before surgery??

What expected weight do they think she'll be at that point?

And so much more. Some have said, "Oh, 37 weeks-that's full term!" But we're not thrilled. She's still so small and has the world stacked against her because of her conditions and weight. For a normal, healthy pregnancy to go into labor or be delivered at 37 weeks is one thing...but in Chloe's case...

We're thankful beyond measure to our families-esp. grandparents who have already been nearly all lined up for what days/week they can come and will mostly watch the kids for us in Manhattan. Bummed that we can't take the kids with us now like originally planned for some last minute family time doing things in KC, but at the same time, don't want to risk them doing the ultrasound on the 25th, and then for whatever reason say let's deliver now and us have the kids with us. The majority of May is already scheduled for family helping, but a few days the kids might be with us, and once we know those days, we'll let those of you in KC who have offered to watch the kids during the day for us know the schedule to sign up for days/times.

Prayer warriors, please pray...

-For growth. PLEASE beg the Lord to grow our sweet girl and pack that weight on her.

-For wisdom and discernment for both us and all of our doctors. Please pray for the discernment and guidance of our OB here in Manhattan. We have so many questions and concerns to go over on Monday, and at the same time, don't even know what to ask...praying we can go over the report from Children's and gain more clarity on why this got bumped up.

-For focus. So much to do before then, and yet also balance family time.

-For knowledge. We've made two trips to Labor & Delivery this past week. Once because she was not showing much movement, which the nurse from Children's said to really watch for, but in this case, it's SO hard to know what movements are like-she's small, placenta is in front, and mosaic trisomy 22 trait is low muscle tone. I was also cramping a lot yesterday and we wanted to play it safe and make sure that it was signs of preterm labor (I never went into natural labor with the other two, so I don't really know what to watch for, even being told a million times). Praise the Lord, she started moving more, and yesterday her monitoring looked great. She was very upset that the monitor was snug around her, and tried her best to kick that thing off ;).

-For peace. I asked Alan today while we sat and watched the kiddos play at the park what his thoughts were, "Are you freaking out a bit too?" was the way I phrased it. Thankfully he said yes ;)-didn't want to be the only one freaking out! But mainly because we just don't know what any of this will look like or what to expect, what to ask, what to advocate for. You can only read, google, try to gather or prepare so much, and yet, until it's upon you...we don't know what to do.

-For peace for me and safety/health for C-Section. Really scared to deliver in a hospital I don't know, with doctors I don't know and nurses I don't know, and not be able to hold our daughter or feed her. However, I will add, I'm so thankful for the Lord's gift of modern medicine and the fact that we do have such things as c-sections, especially considering if we'd planned a natural birth with her (if my other children weren't c-sections), then the labor itself might cause her even more distress with her heart. Every mom has an idea of what she wants the birth of her child to be like, some write up their birth plan. But no mom says she wants a c-section at a Children's hospital with doctors she doesn't know and a NICU team on standby. That's rarely in the birth plan. For those of you delivering in the coming months, embrace the gift of the birth of your child. Be thankful for modern medicine if you do end up needing a c-section. Be thankful for the epidural and just get it already if you're in that much pain ;). Be thankful that you can hold your child close to your chest and breathe in their newness. If your birth plan doesn't exactly go accordingly, be thankful your child comes safely and healthy.

Thank you in advance for all of the prayers on behalf of our family, and for all of the help, meals, emails with encouragement, and especially to the angels that fixed our van ;). You are all loved and thought of often with joy in our hearts as we see the family of Christ come together through you. Thank you for being His hands and feet.


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