Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Meet Abigail: The Day Planner

Meet Abigail. Our 2 year old. She's full of spunk and fun and is a crazy little determined red head. 

She's also the inspiration behind the design of our newly launched planner, the Abigail by Diadem Planners. 

Earlier this winter, a dear friend and I were exchanging a slew of emails where we were discussing the need for the perfect planner and journal-something that would fit our lives as busy mamas and fit in our purse or diaper bag, but sadly there's a lack of planners out there that zone in on two important things:

1. Keep God first in our lives, marriages, families. 

2. Keep our families alive and thriving...meaning, my planner needs more than just a weekly to-do list and daily schedule. 

Kathryn, the mastermind behind this conversation and project, said how she jokingly told her husband she should just make her own to help fit her needs as a young mama. In a passing conversation through facebook messages, she shared this thought with me as well. I vented the need for something to keep me organized, but even more so, something that drew me to the Lord, the Creator of order from chaos. The more the conversation evolved, and the more Kathryn washed her hair {aka shower time to think on this}, the more this idea came to fruition. 

With prayer, pencil sketches sent to me {the designer} mostly at 12:35am when we both finally had a quiet house and time to think, and patience, we created the Abigail: A planner that would help even the most chaotic mama, or grandmama, or aunt, or cousin, or anyone with the pink chromosome stay in step with the Lord and with life. We also created the Elizabeth~a journal+planner in one, named after Kathryn's sweet, sweet little Lizzie. 

And it's here!!! The Abigail is here!

So exciting to see our idea come to life. Here's a sneak peek at some of the pages...

I think next to the daily quiet moments of reflection {Tell of His Greatness page}, my favorite for everyday life is the cleaning page. No joke. I'm a clean freak, but I have trouble getting too carried away with one cleaning project, and neglecting another. Love how the cleaning page helps me to write down the most important tasks of that week for cleaning, then hop to it. And if you're like me, I thrive on physically checking something off of the to-do list, thus it brings great sense of accomplishment for me to finally cross off things like "clean out fruit loops under kids bed" or to start more simply, "make bed". 

As busy moms, the hardest task is first raising our children to know the Lord, and secondly, keep them fed, bathed, to places like AWANA on time, and alive ;). This planner will help us do that, and so much more. 

And it's filled with scripture references as well. No longer can I use the excuse "I didn't have my Bible with me" if I'm needing a quick verse to pick-me-up, to comfort me, to remind me I'm His. 

We're still in the process of making a website, but for now, visit us on Facebook at Diadem Planners. 

Interested in one? Email for more information or to place your order. If you're in Spring, Texas you can order directly from Kathryn! Otherwise we're accepting payment via PayPal at the moment. 

Cost is $18 plus shipping. 

For those of you following this blog, please remember to email with orders or questions to Kathryn as I am not able to check all emails and orders while at the NICU. 


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