Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Great Life Lessons

Great Life Lessons

Lesson 1) Always pack suction machine battery, even though there's a car charger. Always do this. Not that we've ever done this. And by we, most definitely do we not mean the mama. 

>>Recovery Technique: Use car charger (that just uses it in car, but doesn't actually charge). Request at appointment #2 to actually be taken back to a room so we can use wall suction as ours is now dead and child is coughing on secretions.

Lesson 2) Doctor offices are usually running behind. Don't get hopes up. Assume possible computer sign in error and always double check with receptionist that it actually worked. 

>>Recovery Technique: If receptionist hasn't called you after twenty minutes, and you've already checked in with them, then ask again after forty minutes. Try desperately to not let your happy mental positive outlook jump out the window. 

Lesson 3) Everyone has a front door and a back door. They should work properly. We're trying to figure out Chloe's front door and back door {as one of her awesome doctor's once described them, but we won't mention Dr. Petrikin's name}. Chloe spits up her front door. Chloe has issues at the back door ever since her virus and we've been using Miralax. Back and front doors aren't supposed to be open at the same time. Chloe's taking this on as a personal challenge.  

>>Recovery Technique: Trial and error of weaning first off Miralax, then off or at least down to once a day on Prilosec. If issues weaning off Prilosec, we might visit GI doc and see about acidity in her stomach and decide next course of action (i.e. scope, new med, same med, who knows but we'll get there). 

And Chloe's maturing, She's trying to show us what her body can do vs. what we're trying to help her with by giving meds. Weaning off Miralax (back door!) and Prilosec (front door!), will show us how she processes her formula on her own, which we're hoping is the case (that she can process it on her own now that she's big enough and old enough). 

Lesson 4) If someone tries to tell you something, you should listen. 

>>Method Applied: Chloe is currently at 14 hours off her vent, and weaning 2 hours more into the night every 4-5 days. In her doctor's words, "I think she's trying to tell us she wants off the vent!"

Lesson 5) Always prepare dinner the night before for a day of appointments.
Lesson 6) Always have an extra pair of clothes per child and apparently shoes in both vehicles. Crocs do not like urine. They do not clean well in the back of a rockin' minivan on a chilly afternoon in a Target parking lot. 

>>Recovery Techniques for both: Pick up children from sitter. Head to Target for meds and then Little Ceasar's for $5 pizza. Pause in Target parking lot for middle child to have an accident (totally not really her fault-she tried hard not to, but she was tired, hungry, and so ready to be home). Thankfully we had the extra outfit sent to the sitter along with us, but as stated above, Crocs plus waters equals bad. Thought bubble #1-go home. Drop off kids. Return to errands. Thought bubble #2--put child in cart in fresh clothes but no shoes. Buy cheap flip flops so child can walk into pizza place after Target. Thought bubble #3---put child in cart, sit her on her feet so other's don't judge the no shoes (or socks--parent of the year) child. Purchase hot dogs and frozen pizza. Get meds. Go home. Sigh that the day is done. We chose the 3rd thought bubble. 

Lesson 7) Always remember to write down trip mileage before leaving if you hope to get reimbursed. 

>>Recovery Technique: Set phone alarm to remind before next trip. 

Lesson 8) Be thankful for each and every day, even the long ones.

>>Method Applied: Praise the Lord. 

One of our offspring decorated their sibling's MAR book. Seemed fitting for our day. 


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