Sunday, April 24, 2016

Happy 2nd Birthday to Chloe Elizabeth

Happy second birthday, sweet girl. 

You came into this world so, so small at a mere 3lbs 7oz. 

Your first breaths were tiny but mighty little chipmunk squeaks. 

Your first moments were by a loving and caring team surrounding you and making sure that you were gonna rock this. 

And you've been a fighter every since. 

I could spend this portion listing all the many procedures and surgeries you've endured, the long road you've lived in such a short span of time that at times stands still for us, and linger for a while looking back an all the hard days that have soaked up much of your little life. I could mention that some thought we shouldn't have you, while others fought for you in the womb, and the many, many who prayed. I could make note of challenges people said we'd face, the topic of grey zone, or the many risks we've have to sign our names to for your sake and life and health. 

But instead, I'm just going to be a mommy who loves her sweet little miracle child, soak in the images from when you were born until now, and tell you how ever so much we love you. 

Sweet Chloe girl, we're so blessed to call you ours. We're so thankful to know your sweet spirit and watch as you grow and challenge us to learn alongside you. We're in this together. You bring us such laughter and love, tears and joys, lessons and LIFE and teach us more about Jesus every day.  

We love you with every heartbeat of our being, and pray for many more years with you by our side and curled up in our lap. 

Happy birthday sweet girl. 

Love Mama and Daddy, I and A. 


*All professional images courtesy Shelby Liana. 
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