Monday, April 4, 2016

How To Unwind: A Guide For Other Busy Moms

2:20pm Receive text from the hubs offering to take care of kiddos and cook supper, then release me into the wild metropolis to have a night to myself to do whatever I want. Smile and feel thankful. Continue racing around house to pack for upcoming appointments trip and on a give-meds-now timeline.

4:03pm Receive follow up text asking if I ever got first text, which I did but was too busy to respond. Confirm that this will indeed be the plan.

5:15pm Take first shower in...3? days. Glorious. On schedule. Woot!

5:16pm Child #2 interrupts shower because, "Daddy needs you RIGHT now!!"

5:22-5:33pm Meet with respiratory therapist in our home to help us finally understand an important little device my daughter needs for a breathing treatment.

5:45pm Clean parts to treatment while hubs starts supper. Look at clock. Do the math. Panic that my daylight for me time is waning.

6:02pm Decide I look ugh before going out, and while not trying to impress anyone, decide I also don't desire to scare anyone with these dark circles. Recently started wearing mascara. Decide I can be one of those women who just dab on mascara and rush out the door. Poke eyeball with mascara. Blink fifty times to make sure I can see. Look in mirror. All over eye. Oops. Find make-up remover and remove said particles of blackness. Scrub hands endlessly because product has aloe, which cannot touch child #3. End up doing make-up after all. Time is wasting away.

6:12pm Walk out the door blissfully while child #2 screams bloody murder because she stepped on something invisible. Same child screamed to the heavens twenty minutes earlier because a FLY flew past her. A fly, folks. Those things are brutal.

6:15pm Drive past movie theatre. Consider going to move alone. Picture spraying bottle of disinfectant in seat first. Decide germs aren't worth going to a movie alone.

6:25-7:01pm Wander around Targer. My happy place. Consider shoes for my youngest, but nothing in price range meets criteria. Compare three brands of diapers that don't contain aloe. Actually whip out calculator to determine best purchase. Decide to just get the cheapest.

7:08-7:18pm Drive in circles around parking area. Get bitter when someone takes my spot. Keep thoughts bottled inside.

7:20pm Enter favorite coffee establishment. Look around and take inventory. I am officially the oldest here. Cringe. Look cool. Be normal. Order decaf. My cover is blown.

7:23pm Find seat. See dude who stole my spot. He won't make eye contact. He knows what he did. 

7:25pm Finally sit down for the first time all day. Spill coffee on the table. Look cool. Act normal. 

**I don't get out much. 

...Time to read, write, and just breathe. 

7:44pm Friend emails that I shared our daughter's Facebook page update on the same page instead of our personal page, then says, "Giggle. Tired much?" 



  1. Oh dear! I don't know whether to laugh or cry for you but so glad you got an evening out 😃 I think I need to get Hubby to read this one!!

  2. Oh dear! I don't know whether to laugh or cry for you but so glad you got an evening out 😃 I think I need to get Hubby to read this one!!