Saturday, March 8, 2014

Keeping It Real: Comedic Anecdotes From The Week

OH how it is been a LONG week. {see previous post}. Not sure how we'd get through these days if it weren't for the laughter our children bring and this crazy family makes. Chloe has no choice-she MUST have a sense of humor to fit in with us. Here are some stories from this week... 

Working on potty training Abi. After she was done on the potty, she hopped down and I put her new pull up on, forgetting to help her wipe first or give her any TP. "Mama! Ew fordot to ipe me!" So I got her some TP, wondering how in the world she was going to wipe with her pull up already on, but then witnessed her wipe down and around the toilet seat to clean it, then toss the paper in the toilet. Hmm...guess that works too.

At Target with both kids yesterday to get some fresh air, and we perused the baby section. Saw the perfect taggie for Chloe, but we have already bought her bird taggie. This one has a cute little elephant on it {and some of you know there's an elephant story that goes with this pregnancy, so it was PERFECT}. Texted a picture to Alan in an attempt to justify Chloe having 2 taggies, and said we can have one for home and one in the diaper bag at all times.
     My text, "Since Chloe has extra chromosomes, she's entitled to an extra taggie."
     Husband, "But since it's mosaic {not in all cells}, she only needs PART of an extra taggie. Can you buy             PART of one?"

Sweet moments: taking the kids for a walk and noticing Abi and Isaac holding hands. Precious. Hope they are always close and love each other. {Although they don't need to hold hands when they're older. That's kinda awkward}.

Hanging out with a friend yesterday-a sweet friend who ALWAYS encourages me in the Lord, even though she doesn't always know she's doing it ;). Watching our sons play in the mud, and then attempt to make their own mac and cheese. Hearing Abi tell her 1 year old daughter, "I no like dat baby doll!" But Abi, that's not a baby doll, that's Elsa. You know Elsa. Why don't you play kitchen set with her. "No, baby doll go way!" Oh Abi, that wasn't nice. Can you go tell Elsa sorry for being mean to her? All the while trying to not laugh at the fact that my daughter thought her sweet little friend was a real live walking giggling baby doll. Later I got to hold my friend's brand new pink bundle, and Abi kept saying, "Mama put baby doll down on floor." Abi, her name is Marjie. Can you say hi to Marjie? This is what baby Chloe will look like. "Mama put baby Chloe on da floor!" Oh boy. I see jealousy issues in the future with Abs.

The fact that every time the kids and I go anywhere while Alan's at work, Abi gets excited and says, "We go find Daddy!!!! We go find Daddy!!!!"

Alan was working on an old laptop for someone this week and made the comment, "This is the laptop we had when Isaac was a newborn. This is the one he got sick on!" {Referring to the time when Isaac as a one week old infant spit up his milk EVERYWHERE on the laptop, but it still survived}. Somehow our son has inherited my great memory, and has great ears, but we forgot about this, and to no less than three different people he has randomly said, "Guess what!!!! Daddy was using the laptop dat I frewd up on!!!! I frewd up on it when I was a baby!!" Oh child. Not everyone you meet needs to know this fact.

Isaac, "Mommy, I need to put Taggie high up because my hands are not sharing Taggie!" {proceeds to play tug of war with himself and his taggie}.

That moment when you're skyping a design client slash awesome Iowa friend to work on book cover design slash vent, and your daughter is standing beside you, and you realize she's just pooed in her underwear. Followed that next day by the moment you see your daughter climbing all over the couch with her pull up half off and poo smearing on everything and you panic.

Speaking of Abi and her "rocks" as Isaac calls them...ever since she was baby, she thinks doing that is ok in the bathtub and has ruined MANY if not ALL of their bath toys from code brown baths. We gave up trying to clean them and only invest in the $1 toys at the entrance of Target if they get a bath toy. At the moment, their only bath toys are plastic cups. You should seen the PURE JOY on my son's face yesterday when he found a rubber ducky in the playroom and ran out shouting, "Look!!!! Abi didn't poop on this one!!!!! I found a bath toy that she didn't get dirty!!!!! Oh Mama, can we PLEASE play with it in the bath tonight!??!? PLEASE!!!?" You can tell how bath-toy deprived they are if he is this JOYFUL about one tiny rubber ducky.

Oh sweet Chloe...perhaps you should be more prepared to be a part of this crazy family than us preparing for you <3


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