Sunday, March 2, 2014

Ready for Spring

Received such a sweet card from a sweet friend in the mail a couple of weeks ago, along with a couple packets of beautiful flower seeds to plant this spring. Loved what she said in the card...

Dear Jodie,
I bought these seed packets last week because they reminded me of you...I have kept them all week, in part, because I wasn't exactly sure why I bought them for you. I don't even know if you like to garden. 
But I think the reason I felt so inclined to buy them for you is because they reminded me of hope. Walking into the store from the bitter cold, with slush on my boots, there they were: the seed packets on display-in hope that spring will indeed come. The hope that God miraculously brings life out of the relentless winter. 
I won't pretend that I know or understand the heartache that you are experiencing. But I do know the grief of life's unexpected longings, and what it feels like to wait in hope of the Lord's comfort and promises. So it is with that ache and longing and hope that I pray for you, and for Chloe...

So thankful for that sweet card. And the beautiful flowers we'll plant this spring. 

Clinging to the hope of spring even in the longest of winters. 


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