Saturday, March 8, 2014

Next Children's Mercy Visit Comin' Right Up...

It's been a long week. Long is an understatement. Overwhelmed is a better word. Struggled this week with some aspects of pregnancy that I'm not ready to blog about yet, but hope to in the future so long as it brings hope and help to other pregnant women. But for now, we'll glaze over that and just go with the fact that it's been a LONG week. When you've hit that point where you no longer open the "What To Expect" book because you need the authors to publish a "What You Won't Expect" book.

Monday is our next appt. at Children's Mercy in KC. We head over Sunday evening with the kiddos to stay at a friend's house. A dear, sweet, kind, willing soul who will also be watching our kids during the day on Monday during the appointments. Here's the rundown for Monday:

9am Maternal Fetal Health ultrasound/meet with OB {ultrasound for growth percentile and Chloe's overall development.
      *Please pray that there are no new causes for concern, that she's growing BIG. Pray she exceeds that 10% on this ultrasound.

10am Fetal Echocardiogram {Is that even the right word anymore? I need a crash course in medical lingo!} and meet with Dr. Swanson, Chloe's Fetal Cardiologist.
       *Please pray that her heart would be looking ok as well-no new concerns since last time. Pray also for knowledge to grasp all that we're learning from Dr. Swanson about what surgeries, what will be monitored at birth, and how to care for her after she's home in terms of her heart health. {Again with the thought of investing in a medical dictionary}. 

11am Round Table discussion with Chloe's doctors, social worker, genetics, nurses, etc.
       *No clue how to prepare for this conversation. Very intimidated by what might be discussed. Please pray for peace during this time, that I wouldn't sob through it but instead can focus and comprehend everything.

Break Noon-1pm
       *Hope to meet up with some friends from church who will also be there that day and spend a few minutes in prayer. Please pray for them that test results would be good for their sweet little girl and that all He would be present in their situation as well. 

1pm Tour Delivery area, NICU, PICU
        *SO overwhelmed at the thought of seeing little wee ones hooked up to tubes and machines, but in a weird way thankful we'll know what to expect. Pray for peace to wash over us. 

Additional prayer requests:
*That the kiddos would do good traveling and at our friends house.
*For safety in travel to and from and all over.
*For wisdom in knowing what questions to ask.
*For peace through all of this.

~Thank you, Terri G, for the AMAZING meal and fellowship!!!
~Thank you, Susie and also the Lewis' for the ADORABLE clothes!!!
~Thank you, Peggy, for the last minute babysitting!!!
~Thank you, Grace S., for the last minute date today for parental sanity!!!
~Thank you, Nurse B. and Dr. P., for not retiring this week due to my insane amount of questions!!!


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