Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Dear Refuge Of My Weary Soul

Last week was a pretty hard week as we anticipated results. For those who got the impression that we were clinging wholeheartedly to the cross last week, Alan was, but I wasn't. I explained to a friend last night how last week really rattled my faith a bit {ok, a lot}, and that ultimately, I found myself still coming nearer to Him, not on my own will, but simply because He loves me THAT much that He wouldn't let me get too far away. A friend shared this with me of their own experience, and it pretty much sums up all of last week (and the last 36 days) better than I can...

"God graciously wouldn’t let me escape the fact that as terrible as everything seemed, there was hope nowhere else. I’d seen God’s faithfulness too many times to be able to logically conclude he’d actually abandoned me. To ultimately doubt his love would’ve made me the epitome of a fool. We were created for dependence. I knew that, but I think I had to fall harder than I ever had –in ways I never had– to learn what it really meant for God to be my only hope. It’s funny how Christian clich├ęs can seem trite until the Teacher of life schools our ignorance to regard them as precious."

We greatly understand that there are many who read this blog that do not know the Lord, and thus some of our posts might feel foreign, not make sense, or otherwise. Please know that the reason we share Jesus on these pages is because He is our only hope. If you do not know the Lord, we pray you would come to know Him through our journey. If we boast of anything on these pages, may it be of the Lord.

Here's the song that I clung to last week when I finally realized all I could do was bring my sorrows to the cross. {Can also be found in the Grace Hymnal Project #195}


  1. That quote is right on. Wow. He or she said it just perfectly.