Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Please Pray for Ultrasound Tomorrow

A few friends have asked our thoughts on tomorrow...

Nervous. Never thought I'd be sitting through a genetic counseling meeting. Although, encouraged that at this point and with the results we got, our doctor reassured us it's protocol for this particular specialist's office.

Excited. To see our little girl wiggling on that screen again.

Scared. To see fluid again...so scared it's still there, or perhaps more.... Scared that this doctor will request another amnio since the previous sample had blood in it.

Anxious. Brings back memories of that first ultrasound on the 23rd, our hearts stopped for a moment when things took that drastic turn.

Relieved. To continue getting more answers. That the specialist will be there to read the results and help with the ultrasound instead of waiting for results. Thankful that we'll get to see and discuss results.

Thankful. Everyone we've talked to that's been to this doctor has nothing but encouraging words to say. Thankful also for our scheduled appointment on Monday to check heartbeat again and ask any questions we might have, and to review results.

This not knowing is so.... Can't even finish that sentence. Weird how one day we're filled with SO much HOPE and excitement that tests are coming back normal. Enjoyed a day of cleaning and playing with the kids, feeling her wiggle a lot and experiencing normal prego symptoms like heartburn today and nausea again, and found myself, as I was making Abi's bed and we moved her Tinkerbell wall decals from one wall over to her new bed, and moved the changing table {which I'd moved back into their room about 2 weeks before we found out all of this}, and found myself getting excited and thinking of a Pinterest project I'd thought to make for their room for Chloe {the cute letter monogram made from buttons}. But then there's that moment where I caught myself and thought too soon...get through this ultrasound...too soon...wait a bit more before we start buying stuff... We're so ready to hear she's going to be OK or that things are even more looking hopeful...

So please pray, and please pray hard. He hears even our groans and cries.

Specific Prayer Requests:
~Strength to get through these appointments tomorrow. Yesterday at the doctor's, when our nurse called us back, I'd had a little nerves, but mainly peace as we waited to be called, but the moment she did, my knees buckled when I stood and felt rubbery as we walked back...nerves have a way of getting the best of me.

~That we wouldn't need to do another amnio.

~Safety in travel / no car troubles {appointment is a hour away}

~Sanity for babysitter ;)

Specifically for Chloe:
~Fluid in brain and lungs GONE. Go big or go home, right? Let's pray the fluid is GONE.

~That kidneys and all organs are functioning properly.

~ That the possible clef palate isn't severe.

~That they would be able to see ALL 4 chambers of her heart.


  1. So thankful to God that these prayer requests are NOT too big for God to answer! PRAISE HIM for His POWER TO HEAL & HIS WISDOM IN IT ALL.

  2. Jodie, I never stop praying all day, even if it's just a brief chat with our Almighty Physician. I pray you will get through yet another day in your journey. Love you so much, mom

  3. Praying for all of your requests! God is a BIG God. Trust in Him today, as you have been doing!

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