Sunday, January 12, 2014

No Results Yet-Please Continue To Pray

No results yet. Our nurse called Friday to let us know the sample is having trouble culturing out due to blood that got in the sample. Unfortunately, because of that, I got a call later saying the full amnio results probably won't work at all now, but there's another test they can still do from that same sample to at least check for Down Syndrome or Trisomy (whereas the amnio results would have given us a full panel on different possible genetic things). That test takes 2-3 days to culture out. It is too late and now way too risky to do another amnio. Please pray we receive news tomorrow (Monday) or Tuesday even, or at least before we have our appointments in Topeka on Wednesday (with geneticist and then a perinatologist for ultrasound).

No results means so much waiting. So much wondering. My prayer tonight, as I was outside with Isaac letting him run off energy and watching the hues of coral and pink tuck in the day, was that of, "Lord, let our faith in You be enough to touch even a thread of Your garment and heal her..." Praying He heals her. Don't get me wrong, I know many of you are saying {and have told us} to remember He might heal her in other ways {aka not here on earth}, and we are fully aware of that, but I choose to not cling to that just yet-I choose hope at least till we get the results, and then I choose hope through the rest of this pregnancy. Again, she's still alive, and we cling to Hope.

Prayer Requests:
-That test results would be in soon, and that in general they're able to get a good reading from this new test. We're told to bring every request to the Lord, as long as we're open to His will: Our request is that the test be negative for Downs or Trisomy in hopes that she's perfectly normal otherwise so she can fight this. 

-Strength to stand no matter what the results are.

-For safe travels to and from Topeka on Wednesday, and sanity for those watching our littles that day. 

-For endurance and strength for the appointments on Wed. I've been told to expect long appointments/long afternoon. 

-That she'd start kicking her little heart out. Not feeling her much the last two days, maybe a flutter or two. Not too worried as our doctor said that since we're really only just now hitting 20 weeks (today) that even a  normal pregnancy wouldn't be concerned if I don't feel any movement for a few days in a row or more.

-Praise for those holding us up in prayer. Your prayers are felt, and still needed more than ever. 

-Praise for those who are still dropping off meals, playdates with the kids, etc. Means the world to us. I honestly I have the thank you cards bought and sitting on the piano ready to write-cut ones with little flowers since her name means blooming, and sweet ones with glittery pink snowflakes...but honestly, I can't bring myself to write them just yet...this is all still too surreal for me to put pen to paper and say 'Thank you for being there for us during this time..." when what I should be writing are emails to craigslist listings for things like "baby girl clothes size 0-3 months and pink bouncy seat". Please know we are thankful beyond words, but I just can't do it yet. 


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