Monday, January 13, 2014

Our God is a God of HOPE

We chose her name long before we knew it was a girl or boy. We chose her name before we knew we were pregnant this time. We chose her name because of our love for celtic music, and for the love Alan has for Ireland since he visited it, and to honor our ancestors of Scottish heritage. What we didn't know is that Chloe means verdant and blooming. But now we know how fitting her name is, as she continues to bloom within. 

Appointment today to check heartbeat was at 3:50.  We arrived early {for those of you that know me, this was a feat in itself}, and waited...waited...found on if they Loved It or Listed It...waited more...watching another pregnant lady be called back by our nurse that actually got there after us...watched the clock turn to 4:15, and then were finally called back. Turns out, God is good, and the results came in literally minutes before we were called back.

Our doctor seemed positive from the moment he came through the door. He explained the results had just come in and he'd just read through them and that he was cautiously optimistic. Cautiously because since there was blood in the sample, there's always a tiny slight chance that my cells got tested/cultured out instead of Chloe's. The one time our doctor somewhat wished it was a boy because it'd have proven for sure if it was my cells or my childs ;). However, he stressed it's highly unlikely this was the case, but it's a disclaimer he at least needed to tell us and was on the report.

The GOOD news: There are no chromosomal abnormalities!!! Chloe does not have Down Syndrome (Trisomy 21) or Trisomy 13 or 18. All tests negative for that. All chromosomes lined up correctly and nothing looks abnormal. Another test they did off this FISH test reveals if there's any other issues, such as intestines developing outside the body for example, and all of that looked good too.

What this means: There is still a chance things could be genetic, like with the heart. As of right now, our doctor is optimistic. He said he researched and studied Chloe's characteristics (i.e. the fluid in brain, fluid in lungs, heart, clef palate, kidneys) to see if there's some sort of syndrome that has these same characteristics and wasn't able to come up with anything, so for now, we'll have our ultrasound on Wednesday with the perinatologist to get a good reading on if the fluids are still in the brain and lungs, to see if we can still see only 3 chambers, or can we actually see all 4 heart chambers, to check the kidneys, etc. From there we take this one day at a time and continue to pray that God would continue to heal our Chloe.

One thing: There's a slight chance that our perinatologist might order another amnio to try for a more clear sample just to make sure. Our doctor reassured us that we're actually still within the window to do this and it's still safe at this point. He said we could either do it then and there up in Topeka or choose to do it here with him-our choice if this comes up. But he also stressed he doesn't quite think they'll order it-that he wants to get through the ultrasound before we'd do something like amnio.

He then checked her heartbeat, and had to wait a second because she was so ACTIVE and moving around :). Made this mama smile. He reminded me that because of where the placenta is that I probably won't feel her as much, and that it's still somewhat early to feel huge kicks, that it's good that I'm feeling even flutters, but that he's not concerned because of how active she is. And her heartbeat was good and steady.

We praise Him for good results. We praise Him for sustaining us. We praise Him for a doctor we trust. We praise Him for carrying us through this.

WE CONTINUE TO HAVE HOPE. And we ask that your comments and stories would continue to give us hope and be uplifting. 

Please know, we're not out of the blue yet...there are still many concerns, still much praying to be done and much healing to take place, but our God is big. Huge. And He hears our prayers. Please continue to pray for Chloe's heart-pray all 4 chambers can clearly be seen on Wednesday's ultrasound. Pray the fluid in her brain and lungs has gone down or gone away and that it's not causing pressure. Pray that her kidneys and bladder are functioning properly. And please pray for safe travels on Wednesday.

And praise. Don't forget to PRAISE HIM, and Him alone for all the good results today. Praise Him for all those praying for us. Praise Him that we can rest assured that HE IS IN CONTROL.


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